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mcqueen chronicles  

well, now. i figured that i'd make a few more amendments here. so there.

the mcqueen chronicles, chapter five - zzt news sources

i don't care what anyone says. zzt's news sources are all pretty fucked up. first, you've got zzt.org. i admit that kev's old posts were pretty annoying, but now, there's barely any at all. just the semi-important crap. zztplanet just has other people's news. then there's dexter's news site. when you celebrate the fact that you've gotten 400 hits, and your site has been around for a month, it means that you've got a problem on your hands, eh? mworld, well, i don't know about mworld, do i? it's a megazeux news site. that's about as far as i should say about that, shouldn't it? if's news seems to be the best of the lot. the problem is that hercules is usually incredibly busy. these news sources should be renamed to "olds" sources.

now, speaking of so-called news-based sites, this brings me to something else that pisses me off. char 2. i admit that i enjoyed char 2 while only bluemagus had the site around. then he got himself a staff. i admit that some of the staffers (freezer, benco, and hercules) are very skilled in what they do. then there's guys like agent orange. i mean, come on. those abridged zzt games don't even TRY to be funny! you make poor chase bramlage look like a newbie, and you think you can get away with it? i have a lot of respect for chase. for one thing, getting over the whole gotm issue, bloodlines is readily enjoyable. the next time you abridge something, orange, try making an effort on making it funny. back to char 2 itself... shige, try making a color scheme that doesn't kill my eyes. thank you, sir.

this brings me to zzt.org and zztplanet. i touched on this a bit ago. zzt.org's news, while kev-san was in the show, probably could have challenged the roadblock during its time, but then kev-san was all like DAMMIT, I'M LOCKED OUT and so, the roadblock continued to dominate until this very page got a news site. a lot of people thought that kev posted way too much. well, i think so too. but isn't zzt.org supposed to be the center of zzt? so who says that he was posting too much? too much is never enough, after all, aren't we supposed to be keeping up? there's a lot of subjects that we're all in the dark from. zztplanet is basically a relay station for four different news sites, including zzt.org. i have yet to see anything of importance come from zztplanet itself.

i can't say much for mworld, other than it's probably the best news site for megazeux out there. the difference between zzt and megazeux is that megazeux gets the good news site. matt's done a good job, yes sir, he has. (and i honestly don't care if tucan flames me for that one or not.)

if's news site is good. the best one out there for zzt. my problems with it are that hercules is usually late with the news and the fact that i have to go through popup windows to read the news. the fact that hercules has been busy lately doesn't help things. i can't say much other than hercules should not be so busy. or something.

you know what i say? the first thing is to not have a big staff. having a big staff will make all the staff members assume that someone will cover for their laziness. a staff of about three should work. no one, under any circumstances, should do an abridged zzt game section (shame on you, char 2!). gotms and gotws should be reserved for their respective sites (zzt.org and char 2). they just cause more hate, anyway. the main core of a news site should be... THE GOD DAMNED NEWS! for christ's sakes! take more pride and effort into the news pages before you build your fucking special sections! now then, you have a news page. now, update it. almost every day. i mean, if there's a slow news day, work on your special sections, then, if you want. i basically did this with the roadblock. yay for me.

you will now listen to my suggestions, flame me for them, and go back to pissing me off, basically. badaboom, badabing, this has been tseng.

-tseng mcqueen, 4/16/2000