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  • Index/updates - The index of this site, containing all the recent updates.
  • News - Frequently updated ZZT and MegaZeux-related news.
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  • Help - Help section (FAQ) of this page. This where several questions about ZZT, this site, Interactive Fantasies and the community have been answered.
  • News archive - Archive index of all IF page news from May 1999 until recently, listed by month/year.
  • Updates archive - Archive index of all updates, listed by month/year.
  • Submit news - Send in your own news by filling in a simple form.

  • Accomplishments - Awards and other noteworthy accomplishments of Interactive Fantasies and our website.
  • Games - Download our released products.
      + Game information 1 - Game information page 1, containing screenshots and information on our released games.
      + Game information 2 - Game information page 2.
      + Game information 3 - Game information page 3.
      + Game information 4 - Game information page 4.
  • History - The complete history of Interactive Fantasies.
  • IF interviews - Standard interviews with Interactive Fantasies members.
  • Members - Information on the current members of Interactive Fantasies.
  • Upcoming titles - Information ans screenshots of our upcoming projects.



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