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April 2001

Arctic Fusion disbanded
Saturday 28 April 2001
Inmate2993 has taken the initiave and disbanded the MegaZeux programming group Arctic Fusion, after several months of inactivity. The members of AF at its moment of "death" were Inmate2993 (leader), E. Megas, Ghent, Lipid, Waka, Dormando, Ibrahim, Wervyn, Mallo and Matt Williams. Ex-members include Lacan, Duhreetoh and terra (psichan/Rayena). The death of the inactive group could be blamed on the fact that only a few members could be easily contacted, but Inmate, E. Megas and Wervyn do not believe in the concept of generalized programming groups anymore. According to them, temporary groups should be formed who are working on one project together (such a temporary group will be disbanded again when the project is done).

Autumn Dreams returns
Tuesday 24 April 2001
Monthigos, aka Clint Nielson, has revived the famous MegaZeux company Autumn Dreams! Autumn Dreams used to the biggest MZX company in 1998, with members like Legendd (Nathan Ridley), yenrab (Jessamin Yu), Myth (Adam Parrish), emmzee (Darren Hewer), Veloso (Greg Falcon), Asterick (Bryon Vandiver), Waka (Mike Sartin) and a few more later on (Ibrahim, fejjy, Inmate2993 and Duhreetoh). They released titles, like Spirit Revenge, Zog the Hunter 2 Demo, Sivion MZX Demo, Honor Quest 2: Chapter 1, Xenogenesis and more. Right now, the only member of AD is Monthigos himself, but this will change soon. The webpage, which is still being worked on, can be found here.

Terryn to host Summer Day of Zeux
Tuesday 24 April 2001
Terryn will be hosting the Summer Day of Zeux contest. However, he still needs to decide on the best date for the participants. He'd appreciate it if you'd e-mail him if you have a preference for a certain date.

Spring 24hoz results
Friday 20 April 2001
emmzee finally announced the Spring 24 hours of ZZT results here. The winner is a tie (for the first time in the 24hoz history) between zzblue and Theta14, who both had an average score of 83.5 out of 100. Flimsy placed third, Knightt came in fourth and Tony Clifton got fifth. It is not yet sure who is going to host the next contest, as the first place is a tie. Also, emmzee did not use Lemmer's scores for several reason, which can be read here. The judges were emmzee, Chuck, me (Hercules) and Fishfood. Visit the official Spring 24hoz page here.

Chaos and Disorder is back
Friday 20 April 2001
voighdt has revived the ZZT company Chaos and Disorder. Chaos and Disorder was formed back in 1998 by ex-AKware members and a few others. Its many reincarnations include the Umlaut Commune and the famous Reptile House. Now, in 2001, Chaos and Disorder is back under their original name. The current members are voighdt, coolzx, Atrocity, Atom, Draco and craNKGod. It is not sure whether these people are still in their old companies as well, or not. coolzx, craNKGod, Atom, Atrocity and voighdt himself were in Knightt's Random Inc a few days ago, and maybe they still are, but I'm not sure about that. Draco is (or was) in both Interactive Fantasies and JESUS Inc. as well. More news will probably follow about this later. CAD now has several projects in the works, including "Static Age", their magazine. Visit the CAD page here.

MegaZeux v2.51s3.2 released
Tuesday 17 April 2001
MadBrain has released version 2.51s3.2 of MegaZeux. It has two new features: the password protection has been killed (there was no use for it, with the Get Password program being around) and a new counter, BIMesg, which turns built-in message (like "Ouch!") off. It can be downloaded here.

New ERI page
Tuesday 17 April 2001
Viovis has uploaded the new Eagle Rock Interactive page here. Some of the sections aren't finished yet, but Viovis (ERI's president) is working on it. The current ERI members are Viovis (president), Wayward (vice-president), Scribbit, Benco, TimeWaster, Insane Moose, Micr0wave and Flimsy Parkins. Keep checking the ERI page for updates.

Fishfood joins IF, HM leaves
Thursday 11 April 2001
Fishfood has joined Interactive Fantasies today, replacing HM. Hercules talked to HM earlier this day and asked him if it was okay to hand HM's seat to another ZZTer, because HM isn't involved with ZZT nor the community anymore. HM said it was alright, and dropped his IF spot. He used to vice-president of IF from January 1998 until September 1998, when he formed Infinity Inc. HM came back to IF in September 1999 and has been a member until today. He will be missed, of course. Fishfood is now working on Dark Soul 2, which is going to be a really awesome game. His member info and IF interview are up, too.

coolzx and craNKGod join Random Inc.
Thursday 11 April 2001
Random Inc. has gained another two new, good members: coolzx and craNKGod. coolzx recently came back to the scene, after a period of (semi)-absence and will still be working in ZZT. craNKGod is planning on releasing both ZZT and MegaZeux stuff under Random Inc.'s banner. Visit their page here.

Odyssey page redesigned
Thursday 11 April 2001
Ryohei, formerly known as Raichu876, has redesigned the page of his multi-platform company Odyssey. It's looking rather good and I suggest you take a look. Other Odyssey members include Bocco (vice-president), Gemini, Cooldaddyk and more. Visit the page here.

MegaZeux Achievement Awards winners
Tuesday 9 April 2001
ZzCrook has announced the winners of the MegaZeux Achievement Awards. They can be found at Zeuxworld. We are proud that this page, the Interactive Fantasies ZZT/MZX Page, won the award for Best MegaZeux Resource. Other winners are Weirdland 5 by Esdemo1 (Best Sound FX), Seiken Densetsu: Blade of Islan by Luke Drelick (Best Music), Engine: The Second Attack by Luke Drelick (Best Gameplay), Bernard the Bard by Jeremy Lamar (Best Overal game), Palette Command by Akwende (Best Utility) and more. Check the full results out here.

Viovis returns to Eagle Rock Interactive
Tuesday 9 April 2001
Viovis, who used to president of Eagle Rock Interactive quite a while back and was basically co-founded the company, has now returned and replaced Benco as the new president. Viovis moved to Lame Game a while ago, but decided to come back now, because ERI is having presidency troubles and they need him. Benco stepped down and is now just a member of ERI. The current line-up is as follows: Viovis (president), Wayward (vice-president), Scribbit, Benco, Insane Moose, TimeWaster and Micr0wave. Visit the ERI page here.

JESUS Inc news
Tuesday 9 April 2001
JESUS Inc, the company of ex-Damage Inc member Breakout, has recently attracted several members. These include ToyKirby (who used to be in Eagle Rock Interactive), Tbot (ex-Fellowship of the Z) and Ryosuke (who recently quit Knightt's Random Inc). According to Tbot, the company page should be up here.

Spring Weekend of Zeux results published
Thursday 5 April 2001
The results of the Spring Weekend of Zeux have been published here. Only three teams/individuals sent in their entries: Team Fnord Blank (consisting of Tabris, Wervyn and Ghent) won with their amazing multi-char side-scroller "Fourth Power", MadBrain came in second and Leper_Mess placed third. The judges were me (Hercules), Diamond, Esdemo1, wizdom and Exophase and you can also find their comments on the WEoZ page, along with downloads of the entries.

voighdt joins Random Inc.
Thursday 5 April 2001
voighdt, ex-president of Red Aureole software who has been away from the scene for a while, has returned and joined Knightt's company Random Inc. I'm not sure what exactly he is working on, but you can expect a game from him in the somewhat near future. Visit the Random Inc. page here.

History of Zeux
Thursday 5 April 2001
ZzCrook wrote the History of Zeux, which provides a list of important events in MegaZeux's history and gives info about them. It is fairly accurate, but ZzCrook is still working on it (and improving it). You can read it here.

ERI gets yet another new president
Sunday 1 April 2001
Fishfood, who became the new president of Eagle Rock Interactive after Vertigo left, has said goodbye to the company already. He left because he found out that maybe he wasn't really up for the job after all. ERI has been idle for quite a while and has had multiple presidents over the past several months. These have been turbulent times for the old company and it will take quiet something bring it back to its old state. Fishfood has handed the president seat to Benco, who used to be vice-president. Benco is now looking for new members and some have already applied (Mrs Clause and NMZmaster) and he will try his very best to make the company less idle. Wayward, who recently quit ERI and joined Fellowship of the Z (the company that he himself founded) again, decided to come back to ERI, too. Visit the ERI page here. On a somewhat related note, DoggyShop, ex-president of ERI, has returned to the scene and will hang around on Austnet every now and then.