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September 2003

Pictures: 36, coolzx leaves
[ Posted by Hercules on Friday, September 5, 2003, at 3:39 PM ]
Added 36 pictures to the Picture gallery: Apollyon (1), Apollyon (2), Apollyon (3), Apollyon (4), Apollyon and Stephi-chan, Backslash, Blazer, Chuck (1), Chuck (2), Chuck (3), Chuck (4), Chuck (5), Chuck (6), Chuck (7), Chuck (8), Chuck (9), Dexter, Diamond, Duhreetoh (1), Duhreetoh (2), FreestylerFunk, Luke Drelick (1), Luke Drelick (2), Luke Drelick and Nash, MadTom (1), MadTom (2), Project, Razza, RoSS, Scott Hammack, Scribbit, Skylark, Stephi-chan, Veloso (1), Veloso (2), Wervyn.

Whew, that's another big batch of pictures. I am finally in the process of updating the 24 hours of ZZT archive, but I still have to gather some information before I can actually finish that. Turns out I have to add 4 contets (winter 2002-2003, Spring 2003 of both me and Knightt, Summer 2003).

Also, coolzx has informed me that he is no longer doing anything with ZZT, so he has quit IF as well. As for myself, I am going to start writing another literature paper for college as of monday. It's all good, really. I'm plotting out my last 2 years before I hopefully graduate from university. Stay tuned for more news.