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Welcome to the ZZT/MZXers Picture Gallery. Here you can find all photographs of ZZTers and MZXers (locally stored, so no broken links), that we could find. If you happen to have a picture of someone who isn't here yet, or one of yourself, then please send it (or the URL) to s_pieterse@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!

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+ Rasconza
In the jacuzzi. Rasconza (middle) and Ringworm (right).

+ rat- (MrCat)
A weird picture of the New Zealander.
Another crazy pic of the stoned New Zealander with the goatee.
A somewhat outdated pic, I think.
rat still had his goatee on this pic.
Long hair, a goatee and a weird lighting effect.
A dark picture of rat screaming.
Darkness (November 2001).

+ Rayne (ZzCrook)
Behind his computer. Nice t-shirt! ;D
Chewing some nasty winegums.
Together with his girlfriend.
Floating on the clouds.
At home. In the dark.

+ Razza
Razza (second from left) and a league of scary gentlemen. O_o

+ Ringworm
Dance to that country song!
Snowboardin' down the hill.
Ringworm with a baby in sunny California.
Ringworm holding a baby.
A picture of Ringworm in deep thoughts.
Whatcha lookin' at, bro?
Hmm, what to do, what to do?
In the car. Ringworm's on the left.
A nifty picture on the beach.
In the jacuzzi. Ringworm (right) and Rasconza (middle).
Drunk, Thief, Coward and Deserter. The Deserter is Ringworm.

+ Roastbeef
Roast 'n Toast 'em!

+ Robert Pragt (PlastikFish)
An old picture of Robert's class. He's the one in the bottom-left corner.
It's me, da Dutch Rob (VERY outdated pic).
Da Rob, back in the house again.
Prom night, Rob is the one with the funky blue hair. ;D
Sexy ol' Dutchman Rob in Moody Adventures III Reloaded (2003).
On good terms with authority!
The sexy ol' Lochemenaer has returned.
Rob (right) with a laser gun and a well-dressed young chap on the left!
Lochem-style sure is quite progressive.
On the right, wearing a hat, because he can.
Messy long hair and a clean shave.
And the hair gets messier (in a good way!).
Even messier hair part 2.
Taking a sip (effe een sappie checkuh, ja toch!).
Ik sta hier gewoon keihard op de foto (LOOK AT ME!).
Lochem ain't no to place to mess around.
I'm a Monster! And I like beer.

+ RoSS
Does his shirt say 'naked'?
RoSS (right) at a banquet.
DDR-Storm (Stürm und Drang?) on the couch.
Standing in the hallway.

+ Ryosuke
Marilyn Manson, dude. And I'm stoned.
Ryosuke sitting on a couch.
Eating noodles or something.
Some picture taken outside. Shut up, goth.
Ryosuke (right) and a friend of his (left).
Word up, bro.
A cool black/white picture.
Blue hair.
Ryo (left) and his pompous ex, Trish (right).
Away with thou.
A moody picture of his AFI t-shirt.
Dressed as a Drag Queen.
Peace, bruthaz.
Small, blurry pic of Ryo and Jasmine.
Wearing goggles.
Making a picture of himself.
It's the dapper goth boi again. =)
Say hi to the mirror. Hi! ^^
Kissing with his girlfriend Jasmine.
Quite the alternative haircut. ;P
Seemingly having fun with Jasmine!
I'll cry you a river, dipstick.
Return of the sexy goggles part INFINITY.
PVC skirt? Check. Boots? Check. Dapperness? CHECK~!
Red hair and a spiked collARR.
Serial killer style. Nice Pulp Fiction poster. ;D
Sassin' it up with a friend of his.
It's der German flag!
WHAT?! ...That is one helluva coat, too.
It's all white and flashy, but it's obvious.
Being sexy with the ladies.
Looking broad and dandy.

+ SaMM
Looking like a disturbing scientist.

+ Sam Steele
It's the author of DreamZZT!

+ Scorch Themlight (Cyber Knight)
A picture made in one of those fun photo booths. =)
Scorch sells space craft in a strange way.

+ Scott Hammack (xf)
Holding a bottle of aspirin.
As a little angry-looking kid.
In Roy's house.
A pic of xf, taken from his webcam.
Picture from his community college student ID.
A small picture of xf wearing sunglasses.
A nifty picture with a blue-ish glow.
Imitating the guy from Fear and Loathing.
In his green Acapulco shirt, his room being all messy.
Scott, hugged by a cute girl.
Smiling Scott with another nifty girl.
Facial hair, lookin' ruff.
Hawaii man in the car.
Spring into action -- I am made of poison!.
Getting licked. :D
Together with his ex-girlfriend.
A small pic of Scott and his girl.

+ Scribbit
Aaah! And I thought I looked scary :)
Pic from Summer 2001.
Roaring like a hungry lion!
I no longer fear death(tm) part two.

+ Scott Vyper
Hitman by night, Scott by day.
Shaved head, lookin' moody.

+ Selan_p
Selan_p and her cat.

+ Skittlez
Oops, I've been bad!
Right on!
Before: still has hair...
After: he shaved his head!
A strange picture from mid-2002.
On the right, being all 'OH MY'.
O_O and chewing on his finger.

+ Skullie
With his head on the desk (2002).
Watch skullie comb his hair!
Being all bad-ass, after his cat molested him. :P
The effect of Dance Dance Revolution.
YEAHHH BABY, bring it up my nose!
Getting sexier by the day.
Skullie has sexy hair.
Naked? With styling gel in his hair.
It's the mad jester! :O
Yes. Look into his eyes. Or don't.

+ Skylark
Skylark at the monastery.

+ Smiley14
A japanese peace sign or something.

+ Starbux
Looking like one of the Gallaghers.
THIS, and no more!
You forgot to light it. :P
And taking a picture of himself.
Playing the guitar like a MAN.

+ Starchaser
Small picture from mid 2002.
Hugging his cat.
Jewelry, man!
Got his ear pierced.
...and cut his hair, too.
Kinky, evil (and fake :P) goatee.
Pretending it's a handlebar moustache.

+ StarDreamer
ZZT crashed, StarDreamer crashed. Oh dear.
Standing in the doorway.
Thumbs up for EarthBound ZZT!
Working on Apocaly.
On the couch, with a pillow over his head. SEX!XXX
Wearing a purple-ish shirt.
Outside, in the snow.
Enjoying the sun.

+ Stargazer
Playing Dance Dance Revolution.

+ Stephi-chan
Sitting in front of the fireplace.
Looking moody, in some twisted way.
Together with her boyfriend Apollyon.
Glancing upwards.