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if member interviews  

[ member since june 18th 2002 ]

* How did you get into Interactive Fantasies?
Once upon a time, around September/October 2000, I attempted to join IF. I was respectfully declined, seeing as I was rather under-qualified. Around two years later, and nearly crashing and burning out with ZZT, I suddenly became inspired again and inquired if there were any openings. Push came to shove, and you see my info here now -- right? :D

* Describe your history in the ZZT scene.
I first started ZZTing in 1996, but I didn't discover the actual "scene" until I stumbled across the Zarchive right when xabbott had opened it while I was desperately searching for more ZZT websites. I don’t remember the year, but that’s when I discovered the community. I lurked on the message boards for a little under a year, and then actually said something meaningful. I gained a reputation as a "smart newbie" and eventually made games that were well recognized -- turning me into a "smart oldbie". Somewhere along the way I made a company called "Fellowship of the Z" and it fell apart, then I joined Eagle Rock Interactive and was once VP and President Pro-temp... that was a good experience. I've kinda drifted away from "the scene" but I still poke my head in occasionally to see what's going on.

* Who or what are the inspirations for your ZZT (or MegaZeux) work?
The first GOOD zzt game I ever played was Defender of Castle Sin, and from that point onward Nivek has been a HUGE inspiration in how I do ZZT stuff... so that's my biggest inspiration. Viovis was another big one, especially with Business Bob Update, and PPDV. Finally, I wouldn't be the ZZTer that I am today if it weren’t for Tseng’s "McQueen Chronicles". His rants were the final kick in the rear that I needed to get off my ass and actually finish my first ZZT game.

* What is your favorite ASCII char?
#char 145... it has been for a long time. I don’t know why, it's just nifty. I should look for excuses to use it more often.

* What is your favorite quote?
There's so many meaningful ones that I've heard and don't remember, and while I could quote myself right here, I feel compelled to repeat these famous words – "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic." So sad…so true...

* What is your favorite conspiracy theory?
Franklin Roosevelt knowing about the attack on Pearl Harbor but doing nothing to stop it. It caught my attention, and it intrigues me greatly... it’s sickening…but what better way to pull the country out of an economic crisis than war?

* What is your favorite character in a ZZT game who says only one or a few lines?
Pirate: ARR!

* Who is your favorite South Park character?
Mr. Garrison... if anything, episodes that involve him just seem to be funnier... it's a really awesome show just the same.

* Which movie star or cartoon hero would resemble yourself best?
The Critic... no, seriously... you remember that cartoon show, right? I've had at least 50 people say I sound like The Critic, that I talk like The Critic... or that I AM The Critic. It's true... if you heard me speak you could probably at least see a resemblance.

* Any last requests?
I wish to not die alone…find me love... I'll be here waiting... (Note from Herc -- hey, I guess your request was honored, eh? ;D)