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September 2001

coolzx moves to Interactive Fantasies
Sunday 23 September 2001
coolzx released his new action game Infestation 3 yesterday, and afterwards he decided to move from Random Inc to Interactive Fantasies, after talking to me (Hercules). coolzx is replacing Draco, who is no longer going to make a ZZT game, so he and Hercules decided that he'd be replaced. In the name of coolzx, IF has found a great replacement; winner of two 2 GOTMs, 1 CGOTM, several other awards, winner of the Summer 2001 IF 24 Artistic Hours of ZZT and creator of many a cool ZZT game.

Chuck and Blazer join Random Inc
Sunday 23 September 2001
Here's what Knightt, Random Inc's president, said on the Random Inc website:
"I've decided to temporarily remove ZZTDogbert from the members list, due to a lack of communication. This has nothing to do with him personally or as a programmer, so next time I see him, he'll be allowed to rejoin. Putting a brighter spin on things, however, gchucky and blazer have taken up the empty spots! There're four other people who applied, and I like everyone who did... my decision basically came down to going to the first two that asked to join. If yah other guys are still interested, please stick around, n' stuff; this isn't a rejection in any sort of way."

24 hours of ZZT moved
Sunday 21 September 2001
Knightt has moved the Autumn 2001 24 hours of ZZT to a later date, because of the tragic terrorism attacks in the United States that happened on September 11th. Knightt pushed it back, because people probably wouldn't want to do a 24hoz this soon after all that happened and is still going on. The contest is now set for October 6th at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST), but might be pushed back some more if Knightt feels this is necessary. Visit the 24hoz page here.

Wayward resigns as vice-president
Sunday 21 September 2001
Wayward wrote a letter to Eagle Rock Interactive president Viovis to announce that he is resigning as ERI's vice-president. Wayward is probably not going to do anything ZZT-related anymore and he is not even sure if he'll finish Apud le Medius Res. He will still be part of ERI, but he feels he's not up for the vice-president job anymore. Wayward has also been the temporary president of ERI for a short while, when Viovis was gone. Visit the ERI site here.

Meantee joins Interactive Fantasies
Sunday 21 September 2001
Meantee has joined Interactive Fantasies, replacing BenW who quit a few weeks ago. The decission took quite a while, due to a few communication problems, but we've now welcomed Meantee, as our newest and talented addition. Also, drac0 is going to be replaced soon. He is no longer planning on working on any ZZT games, as he is busy with other things.

_God_ explains his departure
Sunday 16 September 2001
_God_ e-mailed me (Hercules) about his departure. Here is what he wanted to tell us:
"I decided to leave zzt for a few reasons. First, the obvious. Right now... everyone hates me for a comment made about recent events that struck a tear in everyone's eyes. You see, i made the comment because simply this is the way i deal with things of this nature. I dont cry or weep or mourn for these kind of things. I joke about them. I honestly would act the same way even if one of my loved ones were lost in the attack. Sorry for any offence taken. The second reason is for the same reason that knightt decided to leave, the politics. The fact of the matter is that the zzt commune is too cought up in contests and awards to really just enjoy the game. Sure winning the awards is just dandy and all, but kinda useless. The third reason that i left is that i find it quite hard to sit down and work on a zzt game. I may be back after christmas, but not as _God_. We shall see.
As for you who think that the gotm went to my head, im sorry for you. Truly sorry.
See, I know none of you really care and i know most of you hate me now, but thats life. I said something that i thought would be taken not seriously but obviously people have their head shoved too far up their ass to understand that what i said was a joke and it in no way reflected how i felt. Im sorry for those who lost loved ones.
All in all, i wish to say Im sorry one more time, and bye bye."

_God_ quits ZZT
Thursday 13 September 2001
_God_ has decided to quit ZZT, for not completely clear reasons. He announced that he was leaving for 3 months on the ZA message boards and then got himself into trouble by something insensitive that he said about the terrorism crisis in America. He has now decided to quit for good, as he e-mailed me (Hercules). This means that NO! 2, the sequel to the GOTM-winning game, will probably never see the light. Also, Random Inc now has an open spot and Knightt (their president) is already considering a new member.

Voighdt writes prequel to GOTM winner
Friday 7 September 2001
Voighdt writes in to announce some interesting news: "here's some news for the if site. it's me, voighdt, i'm sure many of you remember how i nagged the gotm on zzt.org in may for 'today is monday'. i've just recently finished a prequel to that game. but, seeing as i decided a few months ago that i'll probably never touch zzt again, the prequel is in the form of a 16-page short story. i felt this was the most efficient was to encompass my vision, or something like that. anyway, if anyone is interested in seeing how it all started, they can get it at http://mtrap.org/voighdt/writings. there you can download both 'today is monday' and it's prequel 'precursor' in a delux two-part saga entitled THE BLACK FISH. totatoes and pomatoes for all."

Autumn 2001 24 hours of ZZT page
Tuesday 4 September 2001
Knightt has uploaded the homepage for his Autumn 2001 24 hours of ZZT contest here. It's taking on September 29th at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) and, of course, ends 24 hours later. The judges are Knightt, Chuck, Cait Sith, jimbob and Tseng. Also note that Kevedit is allowed this time. You can sign up by sending a mail to Knightt with your name and preferred ID number.

Formation of White Phoenix
Tuesday 4 September 2001
KKairos recently formed a programming group called White Phoenix, after leaving AuroraSoft. Here's what he said about it:
"After it was formed awhile ago, the small MZX development group I formed, White Phoenix, has grown to 5 members - KKairos, Blindgoat, Ken Ohki, Calath, and ZZTyrant. If it helps, the idea is that we work on games as a whole 'n stuff, rather than just on our own stuff."