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October 2000

zzt.org's review system returns
Tuesday 31 October 2000
The review system of zzt.org has returned, thanks to Dragonlord. However, uploaded games will no longer be reviewed by a review team and there won't be screenshots anymore. The review systems only allows users to submit their reviews.

Chrono Wars 13 ready to be beta-tested
Tuesday 31 October 2000
Chronos, author of the famous Chrono Wars series for ZZT, has finished Chrono Wars 13. Quoting Chronos (from zzt.org): "I have just completed Chrono Wars 13 and would like to put together a beta testing team. My best games are the ones with a long beta tester list. So if you could, would you send the word around that I want people to (seriously) test it?" If you are interested in beta-testing Chrono Wars 13, e-mail Chronos here.

mWorld's message boards died
Saturday 28 October 2000
The place that had been an important place in the MegaZeux community for a long time, the mWorld message boards, are now dead. It all started with an unknown person flooding the message boards with empty posts. The server on which mWorld is hosted, Rydia.net (owned by Dormando), became really slow and lagged because of this constant flooding. Dormando therefore to remove them and Matt Williams (owner of mWorld) agreed. Right now, the main MegaZeux message boards are located at DigitalMZX, the site of Joshdw1, Maverick and others. These new message boards look to be really good (they have a lot of options, etc) and quite a lot of MZXers are hanging out there.

Dragonlord gets rid of zzt.org's review system
Saturday 28 October 2000
Dragonlord, co-maintainer of zzt.org, decided to get rid of the review system. Quoting Dragonlord: "The review system has been removed. The reason being that I just do not have time to review every game that's uploaded. People said they'd help out, review all the time, etc., but it's inevitable that one will become bored after adding two or three large batches of games."

MegaZeux Programming Competition postponed
Thursday 12 October 2000
As stated on the Odyssey Page: "The competition run by Odyssey will be postponed until December because there are so much programming competitions running right now (just check mWorld to see what I mean). I thought that it would be too much for the MZX community."

zzt.org up for changes
Thursday 12 October 2000
FishFood talked about a few changes that zzt.org will be undergoing in the near future. First of all, it may or might be so that there won't be any primary reviews of games anymore. The reason that the primary reviews (the small reviews of ZZT games done by the zzt.org staff) may be dropped is that it requires a lot more work to upload a game (it's not just a matter of moving, but of playing/reviewing, too). Please note that if this actually happens, you will still be able to submit user reviews. Second, there are going to be some color and lay-out changes. Also, games haven't been uploaded in a long time, but they should be up soon now, according to FishFood.

WiL joins Interactive Fantasies
Wednesday 11 October 2000
WiL (ex-Inverted Thoughts Inc Dot) joined Interactive Fantasies yesterday and now IF has 10 members again. WiL is the author of famous products like Banana Quest and #play. He is working on some very awesome ZZT games (see Upcoming Titles for more info).

Eagle Rock Interactive news
Tuesday 10 October 2000<
Benco has returned to the ZZT company he recently quit, Eagle Rock Interactive. FreeZerBurn, ERI's new president, also let a new member in: xerox. Quoting FreeZerBurn: "I think ERI will be doing much better, I'm awaiting conformation from the members that they're still there. I just got alot of info from Doggyshop and with a new ERI page being worked on, we could be going places. There are 10 members in ERI, so no joining now. But thanks to everyone who supported the change we have made."

Odyssey to host the MegaZeux Programming Competition
Monday 9 October 2000
As stated on mWorld: "Near the end of October, Odyssey will be holding a unique programming competition with rules that (hopefully) have never been used in a MZX related competition. The rules will be released in the first week of October. Competition dates and rules are subject to change with or without notice."

megazeux.net isn't dead yet
Monday 9 October 2000
Jeff Conroy's megazeux.net isn't dead yet. Some people think it is, because of the lack of updates. Here's what Jeff Conroy himself had to say about it on mWorld: "I have just been incredibly busy for the last two months or so. I recently updated the site, and have much more material to add -- one time allows, I promise to post the new material (and possibly a new [and easier to read] format). If you're interested, please check out the site at http://megazeux.net."

Benco quits and returns
Thursday 5 October 2000
Benco, the talented programmer and author of the "Ripped Off" series, recently quit ZZT and his company Eagle Rock Interactive. This was indeed a sad loss of a nice person and a great programmer. Luckily, Benco decided to come back after a few days, because he felt a part of himself was missing. Welcome back, Benco!

Autumn 2000 24 hours of ZZT page up
Tuesday 3 October 2000
Blue Magus (Shigesato), who won the Summer 2000 24 hours of ZZT contest, already made up a page for the Autumn 2000 24 hours of ZZT, which he is hosting. It's located here. The date will be announced later. You can sign up as a judge or entrant by e-mailing Blue Magus.

Summer 2000 24 hours of ZZT finally announced!
Monday 2 October 2000
Myth has finally released the results of the Summer 2000 24 hours of ZZT! Shigesato (Blue Magus/Tony Testa) won the contest, which is a probably an even greater thing for him, since his 24hoz entry was his final ZZT product (he quit ZZT afterwards). WiL came in second and Kadro got the third place. The results can be viewed here. The entries, however, haven't been released yet. The judges for this contest were Myth, emmzee and Jujubee (who took over from xf).