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April 2000

WiL joins Eagle Rock Interactive, Benco leaves
Thursday 27 April 2000
WiL has recently joined the ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive, which is still in a stage of reforming. Also, Benco has left ERI to join Inverted Thoughts Inc Dot. Visit the ERI page here.

WiL makes the "Hallucina Song"
Thursday 27 April 2000
Lord Igsel wrote the lyrics for the "Hallucina Song" a while ago (lyrics edited by FishFood). This song is based on the ZZT game Hallucina by FishFood and Lord Igsel. Now WiL (aka Mr_e Biscuit) has made an mp3 of the "Hallucina Song", which really kicks ass. WiL did the music and sang the lyrics. There are also 3 hidden messages in the song. Go download it here.

Calvin Adam leaves Lame Game
Thursday 27 April 2000
Calvin Adam, one of the oldest members of Lame Game, has left his company. He might be joining Company Inc, run by Lenin. The remaining Lame Game members find it very sad to see Calvin leave and a dismissal member meeting will be held soon.

GipFace joins Eagle Rock Interactive
Tuesday 25 April 2000
GipFace, ex-member of Interactive Fantasies (he used to be a member of it in 1998 under the nick Sir_C), has joined Eagle Rock Interactive. DoggyShop is still reforming the group (current members: DoggyShop, Scribbit, Robovine, Butterwhore, Benco, Blazer, GipFace), so more news will follow later. The current ERI page will only have updated news (all other sections won't be updated), because DoggyShop is redesigning the page.

More Eagle Rock Interactive news
Monday 24 April 2000
After Dragonlord and Knightt quit the famous ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive, a new president had to be chosen (since Dragonlord was the president). Scribbit (the vice president) said he didn't have good enough leadership skills and just wanted to remain a member. DoggyShop (the former head counsellor of ERI) was chosen as the new president. FishFood, Lord Igsel and Zamros all three decided to quit Eagle Rock Interactive to form their own company, called "Inverted Thoughts Inc Dot" (note that WildKarrde also joined this company). DoggyShop is currently reforming the whole company and Scribbit is still the vice president. DoggyShop will also be redesigning the ERI page once again and right now it seems that Blazer is joining ERI. Still 4 open slots left (ERI has a member limit of 10). The official ERI page can be visited here.

Eagle Rock Interactive news flash
Sunday 23 April 2000
I (Hercules) have finally set the date and time for the Summer 2000 The famous ZZT company Eagle Rock Interactive is currently going through a tough time. Their president, Dragonlord has decided to quit ERI and ZZT, mainly because of lack of interest in ZZT. According to Dragonlord himself, Knightt has also decided to quit Eagle Rock Interactive (Dragonlord stated this on #darkdigital yesterday). Dragonlord will stay president of ERI until a new one is assigned. The new president will either be Scribbit or DoggyShop.

Mike Cockrum works on SuperWAD
Saturday 22 April 2000
Mike Cockrum announces the following:" I am going to release a GCS called SuperWAD. You will be able to load/save worlds, etc. It is currently about 25% done. You can download the most current version at http://cockrum.homepage.com/superwad.zip. Enjoy!"

Viovis starts the Game of the Every Other Day
Thursday 20 April 2000
Viovis has started the Game of the Every Other Day, which is kind of a mix between a Game of the (insert period of time here)-like thing and a review page. The first Game of the Every Other Day is Blue Moon, one of the first games released by Zenith. Check Viovis' page out here.

Second #zeuxstream roundtable discussion
Tuesday 18 April 2000
E. Megas is organizing the second #zeuxstream roundtable discussion, which will take place at Saturday April 22nd (4 PM Eastern Time) on #zeuxstream (Austnet). The topic is "Character design" and the moderators for this discussion will be Ibrahim and somebody yet to be decided. This discussion will mainly be for writers of all kinds of GCS's (so this time it's not only MegaZeux). For more info, go here.

FreeZerBurn and RingWorm are doing the ZZT Yearbook
Saturday 15 April 2000
FreeZerBurn wrote in to announce the following: "ATTENTION ZZTERS OF THE WORLD! Ringworm and I (FreeZerBurn) have decided to make a ZZT YEARBOOK. This will include a very complete record of Zzters for the year, it will contain self-drawn pictures in ansi from each one and list information about them. Companies, games, awards etc. Also we will give out labels such as "Most likely to _________" and fun stuff like that! This will be a somewhat large project... but it will be worth it!"

#char 2 goes back online at its own domain
Tuesday 11 April 2000
Blue Magus has registered his own domain for his ZZT internet resource #char 2, www.char2.net. The site really kicks ass - it is and will be frequently updated with reviews, articles, downloads, rants, a game of the week and more.

First #zeuxstream roundtable discussion
Tuesday 11 April 2000
E. Megas has finished up the invitation for the first #zeuxstream roundtable discussion. This discussion, which takes place on #zeuxstream on Austnet (maintained by Dormando and me - Hercules), will be focused on the topic "Graphics and Visualization in MegaZeux". Everybody is free to participate in this discussion, which is scheduled for 4:00 PM EST Saturday 15. The discussion leaders of this roundtable will be Duhreetoh and Micah Lee. These roundtable discussions will be held every Saturday, if everything goes according to plan. For more information on this event, go here.

PlanetZZT message boards replace the zzt.org message boards
Tuesday 11 April 2000
HM, owner and maintainer of PlanetZZT (which will be a sister-site to zzt.org), has opened the PlanetZZT message boards for the public. They are now replacing the zzt.org message boards, which have been taken down. Visit the new boards here.

Spring 24 hours of ZZT results
Sunday 2 April 2000
GipFace has published the results of the Spring 24 hours of ZZT. Myth crushed every single contestant with his entry "Szechuan Chicken", which is indeed a masterpiece, and place 1st. The surprise of the contest were the Brospammies (consisting of KKairos, Theta14 and BenW), who placed 2nd. Blazer got hold of the 3rd place. I (Hercules) placed 5th together with my teammate DoggyShop. Myth has won his 2nd 24 hours of ZZT - that's a record. He probably also got the highest average score in the official 24hoz history ever: a 9.08. I'm looking forward to this Summer's 24 hours of ZZT. The results can be read here.